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The Best Way to Lose Weight

Hey, Kevin here!

I just wanted to get this simple message out there.

The best way to lose weight is by eating enough "REAL" food to keep you full and satisfied, but not so much that you end up eating too much.

And then just be active (whether you do "real" workouts or just move around more often ... the "being active" part is more important that the "how" you do it part when you first get started... )

Sounds simple, right?  That's because it is!

The truth is there is no secret way to make it work ... no matter what the fitness gurus are saying.

Fatloss should be a very simple, natural, & automatic process.

It's about eating "REAL" foods, but not too much, and moving around more often. Your body will do amazing things when given the right foods and you move around more often. It will actually tell you when it's hungry and when it's full automatically so you don't eat too much.  No more mindless snacking on your "secret stash" trying to kill off the hunger pangs until the next meal comes around.  

It's an amazing "natural" feeling. It's pretty awesome!

"REAL" food will feed the right nutrients to your body so it can rebuild itself instead of pumping in crappy nutrients & calories like fake food does.  Not only that, but cravings & binges will go away as well because your body is no longer begging you for REAL nutrients anymore.

You'll also notice that flavors just "pop" in your mouth and you'll actually have fun & look forward to eating instead of worrying about calories, "points" or if you're gonna blow your diet.

Also, your energy will soar through the roof because (A) you'll be getting the right nutrients so your blood sugar will go to normal levels (say goodbye to the 2:30 pm slump) ... and (B) your body will start using all the extra fat it's been carrying around for energy (fat energy lasts a loooonng time).

If you're not sure where to start:

This page HERE
explains more about how to know what "REAL" food is, how it can help your body burn fat like crazy, and a simple way to stay active that opens up even more time to spend with friends and family LIVING instead of feeling like a slug.

So no matter if you want to look good naked, look amazing on the beach, or just be fit and healthy so you have more time to spend on this earth with friends & family, just keep it simple & get started!


~ Get Fit Buddy

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